Team of Experts

Frederic Amar
Pharm.D., Executive Director and CEO
Thomas Rio Frio
PhD, Genomics Manager
Patrick Perrin
MD, FAMH, Genetician, Genetic Laboratory Manager
Xitong Li
PhD, Head of BioInformatics
Sally Snyman
MD, FRCA, Medical Director
Henk Hakvoort
Finance Director
Gilbert Verhoef
Finance Manager
Tefta Kyriakou
Corporate Lawyer
Karol Kindy
HR Manager
Samuel Amar
MSc, Head of IT
Aurelie Martin
Product Manager
Marcella Sechi
Customer Care Supervisor
Giuseppe Franchini
General Manager - Italy
Gunther Ceusters
General Manager - Switzerland, Germany and Austria
Luis Vega
General Manager - Spain and Portugal
Zoran Purkovic
General Manager - Serbia
Assen Pachejieff
General Manager - Bulgaria
István Somogyi
General Manager - Hungary
Ceylan Atik
Business Unit Manager - Turkey
Saravanan Baskaran
Business Unit Manager - India
Oscar Rusi
Marketing Communication Manager - Italy

Diverse Workforce

We celebrate diversity and inspire innovation by leveraging the unique attributes, knowledge,
skills and talents of our diverse workforce.


Mixed age teams creates opportunities for cross generational mentoring enabling older, experienced workers to interact with and learn from younger hires.


Distinct set of skills demonstrate ability to think critically, to evaluate facts rigorously, to reason analytically, to imagine creatively, to articulate interesting questions, to explore alternative viewpoints, to mantain intellectual curiosity.